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Ikonisys enters into a research collaboration and option agreement with cancer research technology limited covering automated microscopy and rare cell diagnostics in cancer

New Haven, CT, April 26, 2005:

Ikonisys Inc. today announced the execution of an agreement that grants Ikonisys exclusive rights to certain reagents for use with the proprietary CellOptics® technology platform developed by Ikonisys. The agreement with Cancer Research Technology Limited grants Ikonisys a worldwide exclusive option to commercialize monoclonal antibodies and other reagents specific for the detection of circulating tumor cells in conjunction with the Ikoniscope®/IkoniLAN®. Dr. Bodmer in the Cancer Research UK Cancer & Immunogenetics Laboratory at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford. "This agreement gives us access to Sir Walter's extensive reagent library and will help us develop and deliver better, more cost-effective and safer testing methods for early cancer detection to our laboratory customers," said Dr. Petros Tsipouras, Chairman and CEO of Ikonisys.

"Circulating tumour cells in the blood promise to be a very valuable source of material for early indication of the presence of a cancer. Early detection of a cancer, or of its recurrence, at a stage when it is much more likely to be successfully treatable, is a most important approach to dealing with cancer. The use of the Ikonisys technology opens up exciting new opportunities for the early detection of cancer and I am very happy to be able to collaborate with Ikonisys using their novel automated microscope to develop such new approaches," said Sir Walter Bodmer.

Ikonisys is a privately held medical technology company that is developing products for diagnosing diseases early using chromosome FISH dot counting and rare-cell identification and analysis. Based on its proprietary technology, Ikonisys aims to expand a novel field of medical diagnostic analysis, namely cell-based diagnostics. Additional information about Ikonisys can be found at www.ikonisys.com.

Cancer Research Technology Limited (CRT) is a specialist technology transfer company which aims to develop new discoveries in cancer research for the benefit of cancer patients. CRT works closely with leading international cancer scientists and their institutes to protect intellectual property arising from their research and to establish links with commercial partners. CRT facilitates the discovery, development and marketing of new cancer therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics and enabling technologies. CRT is wholly owned by Cancer Research UK, the largest independent funder of cancer research in the world. Further information about CRT can be found at www.cancertechnology.com.

Cancer Research UK is Europe's leading cancer charity, dedicated to research into the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer. The charity supports the work of 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses in over 80 academic centers across the UK, with an annual scientific spend of more than ?213 million. Further information about Cancer Research UK can be found at www.cancerresearchuk.org.