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Ikonisys enters into license and supply agreements with abbott covering automated microscopy and rare cell diagnostics

New Haven, Conn., March 22, 2005:

Ikonisys, Inc. today announced the execution of two agreements that grant Ikonisys license and supply rights to certain DNA probe technology for use with the proprietary Celloptics® technology platform developed by Ikonisys. The license agreement grants Ikonisys a worldwide license under Abbott patents for the manufacture and sale of DNA probes in conjunction with Chromotest®, a revolutionary test for the prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities using fetal cells from the maternal circulation. The companies also signed a probe supply agreement granting Ikonisys rights to purchase from Abbott chromosome fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes in the fields of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and automated detection in amniocytes of FISH signals of the most common chromosomal abnormalities.

Under the agreement, Ikonisys will pay Abbott an upfront, non-refundable license fee and royalties on commercialized kits. The supply agreement covers the terms under which Ikonisys will purchase probes from Abbott.

"These agreements give us access to Abbott's extensive intellectual property and manufacturing capabilities in these fields and will help us deliver better, more cost-effective and safer testing methods to our laboratory customers," said Dr. Petros Tsipouras, Chairman and CEO of Ikonisys.

Ikonisys is a privately held medical technology company that is developing products for diagnosing diseases early using chromosome FISH dot counting and rare-cell identification and analysis. Based on its proprietary technology, Ikonisys aims to expand a novel field of medical diagnostic analysis, namely cell-based diagnostics. Additional information about Ikonisys can be found at www.ikonisys.com.