Diagnose bladder cancer with oncoFISH® bladder

oncoFISH bladder is an FDA cleared*, fully automated microscopy application for imaging and initial analysis of FISH slides processed with Abbott's UroVysion Bladder Cancer Kit.

Slide imaging and analysis is performed on the Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy System.

OFB Screen

By making FISH analysis faster and easier, oncoFISH bladder provides a real solution to the shortage of qualified laboratory personnel. Technologists can focus on critical interpretation and reporting, rather than manually reading slides.

 Benefits of oncoFISH bladder
• Reduced subjectivity compared to manual analysis.
• Reduced risk of error due to technician fatigue.
• More productivity with the same number of personnel.
• Increased laboratory throughput and sample capacity.
You can focus on sample interpretation and reporting, rather than processing and reading slides—and speed sample turnaround time back to your clinicians.

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*FDA cleared imaging application for use with Abbott Molecular's UroVysion Bladder Cancer Kit. Intended as an aid in initial bladder cancer diagnosis in patients with hematuria and for subsequent monitoring for tumor recurrence in patients previously diagnosed with bladder cancer.