oncoFISH bladder automates slide imaging and
preliminary analysis

Automated slide imaging and analysis for the oncoFISH bladder application is performed on the Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy System with integrated brightfield slide scanner and application-specific Ikonisoft® Image Analysis Software.

The Ikoniscope analyzes UroVysion® slides by enumerating the probe signals, and presenting a digital gallery of classified cells for review—all without operator intervention. And it runs right in your lab, no darkroom required!

• Reduces subjectivity and risk of human error associated with fatigue.
• Increases overall workflow efficiency by reducing operator attended time.
• Enables focus on sample classification and interpretation, rather than counting cells in the dark.
• Speeds turnaround of valuable, accurate laboratory results.
• Enables high throughput, with the option of unattended overnight FISH imaging and analysis.

Just load the slides and the Ikoniscope does the rest!

Load a cassette

Download the oncoFISH bladder brochure