Automate FISH slide testing with
user defined scanning and analysis parameters

Ikonisoft explorer and Ikonisoft explorer tissue permit scanning of customized FISH probe combinations
on the Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy System.

Ikonisoft explorer allows users to define their own scanning and analytical parameters for hematopathology and other cell suspension FISH applications - up to six separate channels and six fluorescent stains.

Ikonisoft explorer tissue adds the capability of scanning tissue sections.

 Benefits of Ikonisoft explorer and Ikonisoft explorer tissue:
• Each probe channel can be programmed for Fusion, Break Apart, Bleed-Through, Aneuploidy or Deletion. Spacial parameters and scanning configurations are also user-definable.
• Allows scanning and analysis of multiple FISH probe sets (up to five probes each), making a complex classification process much more robust.
• Low and high magnification scanning options provide exceptional scanning flexibility.
• Save the applications you create for future use.
Bring limitless scanning options into your laboratory.

Download the Ikonisoft explorer brochure
Download the Ikonisoft explorer tissue brochure


*For Research Use Only, Not for use in diagnostic procedures.