Explorer CS

Ikonisoft® explorer CS (Cell Suspension)

Ikonisoft explorer CS is an automated FISH scanning application for analysis of any cell suspension deposited on a slide that has been  hybridized with any desired combination of FISH probes. This versatile application makes cell suspension FISH assays faster and easier by allowing you to establish your own scanning and analytical parameters. Ikonisoft explorer CS is designed for use with the Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy System, a robotic walk-away microscopy system for whole slide digitization and analysis.  By automating imaging and initial analysis of FISH slides, you’ll reduce subjectivity, enhance quality and consistency, and improve turnaround time. This application brings limitless scanning options into your laboratory, allowing you to analyze any type of cell suspension. Fully user-definable software lets you program all FISH scanning and analytical parameters, for one or two independent deposition areas on a single slide. Each probe channel can be programmed for fusion, break-apart, aneuploidy or deletion. Spacial parameters and scanning configurations are also user-definable. Ikonisoft explorer CS allows scanning and analysis of multiple FISH probe sets (up to five probes each), making a complex classification process much more robust. User defined classification sets can be created for detection of chromosomal translocations, deletions or gains and any scanning applications created are saved for future use.


A wide range of DNA FISH probes exist for the effective and rapid identification of genetic aberrations associated with hematopoietic disorders. Used either in isolation or, more commonly, in multi-color sets, these probes are capable of identifying various chromosomal aberrations associated with specific hematopoietic disorders. Typically probes are targeted at the identification of particular deletions, translocations, chromosomal gains or other rearrangements.