Products l Ikoniscope Digital Microscopy System

The Ikoniscope Digital Microscopy System provides fully automated slide handling, complete slide scanning and real-time image capture and analysis. Only the Ikoniscope enumerates and classifies cellular nuclei completely unattended so technologists can focus on sample classification and interpretation. This robust platform supports the automation of standard tests, as well as Ikonisys' advanced rare cell detection applications. Both provide a non-invasive, highly accurate alternative to existing technologies. Product features include the following:

  • 175 slide load capacity
  • No darkroom requirement
  • Increases laboratory throughput and sample capacity
  • Reduces subjectivity and worker fatigue
  • Low sample rejection rate

For more information about the Ikoniscope call us at 1-203-776-0791 (or 1-866-IKONISYS) or email us at

Download the Ikoniscope Brochure