Management Team

The executive leadership of Ikonisys is comprised of the following industry and business veterans:

Michael W Kilpatrick

PhD, Vice President, Biology & Founder
Dr. Kilpatrick obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 1981 from the University of Birmingham, UK for his studies on the ribonucleic acid of mycoplasma. Following periods as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Winsconsin-Madison, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund laboratories in London, he joined the faculty of the University of Birmingham as the Wellcome Trust Lecturer in Molecular Genetics, where he was responsible for the introduction of a molecular program for the study of human genetic disease. Subsequently, Dr. Kilpatrick joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut Health Center where his collaborations with Dr. Tsipouras and Dr. Tafas began. Dr. Kilpatrick has more than 100 scientific publications in the fields of nucleic acid structure and function and human molecular genetics, and has served on NIH study sections. His research has been funded by the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, NATO, the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council and the NIH.


Bill Kochiss

Director of Operations

Bill Kochiss has been managing various manufacturing operations for the past 15 years. Prior to that, Bill worked in purchasing, planning, and scheduling. Throughout his 20+ year career Bill has experienced success working for a wide variety of organizations. The businesses ranged in size from multi-million dollar publicly traded medical manufacturing corporations to biotech startups. This widely varying corporate background enabled Bill to gain an expansive skill set. His expertise managing in the tightly regulated environments of medical and aerospace manufacturing enables to find creative yet realistic solutions. He is driven by a passion for growth and new challenges.

Regardless of organization size, Bill believes in leading by example and working with cross-functional teams to achieve corporate objectives. These work ethics have enabled Bill to have success with new product releases, redesigns, and business growth. Throughout Bill’s career, he has been able to facilitate changes and improvements to continually help the organizations move forward and succeed.