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November 14 2022

Ikonisys announces the launch of its instrument for high-volume customers, the Ikoniscope20max

Ikonisys announces announces the launch of the Ikoniscope20max, a new configuration of the recently-launched Ikoniscope20, that includes a high-volume slide loader.

The Ikoniscope20max allows laboratories to automatically process up to 160 FISH slides without any further human intervention and providing the same performance as the Ikoniscope20 both in terms of speed and accuracy of the results.

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Ikoniscope® Digital Microscopy

The Ikoniscope® provides fully-automated slide handling, slide scanning, and real-time image capture and analysis, and eliminates many of the factors that cause human error in testing. It can scan and analyze up to 2,000,000 cells on a single slide for rare-cell detection based tests.

oncoFISH® bladder

Due to the limitations of urine cytology and bladder cystoscopy, molecular biomarker techniques are often utilized as an adjunct in diagnosing urothelial carcinomas. The oncoFISH® bladder application allows scanning and analysis of cells recovered from a voided urine sample.

oncoFISH® her2

oncoFISH® her2 is a fully automated microscopy application for the determination of the HER2 status of tissue sections from breast tissue biopsies, that have been hybridized with a FISH probe for the HER2 gene and a control probe for the chromosome 17 centromere.

oncoFISH® cervical

oncoFISH® cervical (OFC) aids in managing patients with LSIL or ASCUS following cervical, pap testing. With Ikoniscope­­® robotic microscopy, OFC detects FISH-based gain of 3q26 in residual cytology samples. OFC can assist in the prognosis of dysplastic progression for LSIL patients.


The Ikoniscope CTC application provides a flexible approach with no prerequisite sample preparation and with no requirement for CTCs to express any particular biomarker. The ability to scan up to 2 million cells per slide allows samples to be analysed with no enrichment.

Ikonisoft Explorer CS

Ikonisoft Explorer CS is an automated FISH scanning application for analysis of any cell suspension deposited on a slide that has been hybridized with any desired combination of FISH probes. This versatile application makes cell suspension FISH assays faster and easier.

Ikonisoft Explorer Tissue

Ikonisoft Explorer Tissue is an automated FISH scanning application for analysis of any tissue section hybridized with any desired combination of FISH probes. This versatile application allows you to establish your own scanning and analytical parameters, simplifying complicated, labor-intensive assays of tissue sections.

IkoniWAN® Gateway

Much more than a VPN connection: cleared for use with all Ikonisys diagnostic applications, IkoniWAN’s interface looks and feels identical to that of a local workstation yet it is supported by a highly encrypted secure connection. IkoniWAN runs on a sophisticated server computer.