Annuouncing a breaktrough innovationIkonisys and Hospitex

The collaboration between Hospitex International and Ikonisys within the same corporate group has resulted in the creation of powerful synergies that benefit the field of medical diagnostics.

The combination of Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC) and FISH technology represents a powerful integrated approach for cancer diagnosis, improving the precision, efficiency, and breadth of diagnostic analyses. This combined approach not only optimizes the quality and accuracy of results but also offers significant benefits in the personalized management and treatment of cancer patients.

The complete diagnostic process for
Bladder Cancer and Breast Cancer

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and the best FISH automation.
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Combining and Integrating morphological data (LBC) and genetic data (FISH) offers a more complete and accurate diagnosis, improving the ability to identify malignant and early-stage tumors.
Improved Sample
In liquid-based cytology, collected cells are suspended in a preservative fluid, resulting in more uniform slide preparations and reduced presence of cellular artifacts and debris. This method produces high-quality samples ideal for further analysis.

Cleaner and more uniform samples facilitate the hybridization of fluorescent probes in FISH analysis, enhancing result quality.
More Accurate and Comprehensive Diagnosis:
LBC: Provides detailed cytological evaluation of the cells in the sample, allowing for the identification of morphological abnormalities indicative of cancer.

FISH Complements cytological analysis with specific genetic information, detecting chromosomal rearrangements, gene amplifications, and other genetic alterations not visible with cytology alone.
Reduction of False Negatives and False Positives:
LBC: Reduces false negatives by better presenting cells, allowing for the visualization of even sparse neoplastic cells. FISH Adds a level of certainty by detecting specific genetic alterations, reducing false positives and negatives associated with morphological anomalies alone.

Combination of both technics significantly reduces the incidence of erroneous results, increasing diagnostic reliability.
Efficiency and Time
LBC: Automated sample preparation reduces the time needed for slide preparation and reading.
FISH: Although sophisticated, using LBC samples facilitates automation and high-throughput analysis.

The combined process optimizes the use of time and laboratory resources, allowing for a more efficient workflow.
Patient Management:
BC: Provides a rapid initial assessment that can be immediately followed by FISH analysis if anomalies are detected.
FISH: Provides detailed information for planning personalized treatment based on specific genetic alterations.

The Combination allows for more accurate patient stratification, improving management and treatment decisions based on integrated data of the same specimen.
Versatility and Applicability to Various Cancer Types:
LBC: Usable for numerous types of cytological samples (urine, pleural fluids, fine needle aspirates, etc.).
FISH: Applicable to various cancer types, including bladder, breast, prostate cancers, and leukemias.

The versatility of both methods makes this combination extremely useful for a wide range of oncological applications.
Improved Efficiency and Workflow Optimization:
Hospitex's automated systems for sample processing reduce manual handling, minimize errors, and increase throughput. When integrated with Ikonisys's automated diagnostic platforms, this leads to a highly efficient and optimized workflow.

Cost-Effectiveness: the combined solutions help laboratories reduce costs by improving efficiency and reducing the need for multiple, disparate systems. This makes advanced diagnostics more accessible and affordable.
Comprehensive Diagnostic Solutions:
Hospitex International: Provides robust solutions for the initial stages of the diagnostic process, including sample collection, preparation, and primary analysis. Ikonisys delivers advanced genetic analysis particularly for cancer detection and monitoring.

Together, we offer a full spectrum of diagnostic services, from initial sample handling to detailed genetic analysis, providing laboratories with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

Liquid biopsy / CTC

The detection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in urine holds significant promise for diagnosing and monitoring bladder cancer. This non-invasive approach offers several advantages over traditional methods, including easier sample collection, reduced patient discomfort, and potentially higher sensitivity for detecting tumor cells.

By isolating and analyzing CTCs from urine samples, clinicians can obtain valuable information about the presence, characteristics, and genetic profiles of bladder cancer cells. This enables more accurate diagnosis and staging of the disease, as well as monitoring treatment response and disease progression over time.

Revolutionize breast cancer early diagnostics with our advanced screening technologies, empowering clinicians to detect abnormalities at the earliest stages, leading to timely interventions and improved patient outcomes.BREAST CANCER
Early Diagnostics

Early diagnostics of breast cancer is paramount as it significantly increases the likelihood of successful treatment and improved patient outcomes. Detecting breast cancer in its early stages allows for less aggressive treatment options, such as surgery or radiation therapy, which can result in reduced morbidity and improved quality of life for patients.

Moreover, early detection often enables a greater range of treatment choices, including less invasive procedures and targeted therapies, which can help to preserve breast tissue and minimize side effects.

Discover the Process

Hospitex BioBank
The Universal Vial.

he Hospitex Biobank vial is the perfect container for any type of cellular analysis that requires further testing at a molecular biology level.

Cytology, FISH, Molecular Biology, Immuno, Compound Diagnostic.
8 weeks of preservation time.

Any specimen.
Methanol Free.

CYTOfast Solution
CYTOfast Kit Urine Eco Standalone

kit Urine

Urine sample collection kit for a three day cytological urine test.
Developed to comply with The Paris System urinary cytology guidelines, which suggest collecting at least 30 ml of urine per day, for three consecutive days.

Methanol free formulation to guarantee maximum safety.
The conical bottom tubes are equipped with a special disposable cardboard base, which is removable at the time of centrifugation and is totally recyclable. This allows to keep the vials vertical and stable, facilitating the urine sample collection process.

After collection, the urine samples are fixed and stable for 14 days at room temperature, in order to allow the samples to be delivered to the laboratory by the patients, without the risk of degradation of the biological material.


CYTOfast Plus is the advanced liquid-phase cytology processor in the CYTOfast system, designed for preparing thin-layer cytological samples from liquid-phase specimens. It utilizes the patented Nephelometric Smart Technology (NST).

The final thin-layer preparations are achieved through a rapid centrifugation process, resulting in the cytological sample being deposited in a defined 17-mm diameter circular area on the slide. Thanks to the Balanced Equilibrium between cellularity and background material, detected by NST before processing, CYTOfast thin-layer preparations are perfectly representative and appropriate in relation to the collected samples.

The CYTOfast Plus system boasts the highest productivity on the market, with a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 60 slides per hour, equating to one sample processed every minute.
Hospitex Custom Density Monolayer - LBC Slide
Microscophe Ikonisys


The Ikoniscope® Test System (Ikoniscope20® and Ikoniscope20max®) is engineered for true "walk-away functionality," significantly streamlining the workflow for laboratory operators.

This advanced system allows operators to focus their time and expertise on analyzing cells of interest, rather than being bogged down by the labor-intensive process of manually sorting crucial cells from among millions of surrounding cells. By automating this tedious step, the Ikoniscope® Test System enhances efficiency and accuracy in cell analysis, ultimately improving overall productivity and enabling more precise diagnostic outcomes.


Ikonisys' intelligent software applications are designed to automatically quantify, qualify, and present cells for review, streamlining the diagnostic process.

These advanced applications meticulously analyze cellular data, ensuring that only the most relevant and high-quality cell images are presented for professional evaluation. This automation significantly reduces the time professionals need to spend on manual cell analysis, leading to a marked decrease in labor costs.

Additionally, by minimizing human error and increasing efficiency, Ikonisys' software enhances the overall accuracy and reliability of the diagnostic process, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes.

Ikonisys & Hospitex
This integration ensures that diagnostic workflows are streamlined and that results are delivered more quickly and accurately.

FISH technology is considered the best for cancer diagnostics due to its high sensitivity and specificity in detecting genetic abnormalities. It allows for the precise identification of chromosomal alterations, such as translocations, amplifications, and deletions, which are often linked to specific types of cancer. This enables accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and prediction of treatment responses, making FISH an invaluable tool in personalized cancer care.
For diagnostic purposes

Certain chromosomal abnormalities have been identified in numerous patients and now serve to define specific cancer diagnoses. For instance, a subtype of acute myeloid leukemia known as acute promyelocytic leukemia is characterized by the translocation between chromosomes 15 and 17.

For prognosis

Our application have so many options so you can customize it as you wish, so it will be as perfect as you wanted it to be.

For predicting response to therapy

Determination of HER2 status of breast tumor material predicts the response of the patient of Herceptin therapy 

For surveillance

Monitoring the number and type of specific CTCs over time allows the surveillance of a patient’s response to a specific treatment modality.

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ALIKO SCIENTIFCit's just born a
Cancer Diagnostic Global Champion

By integrating our technologies and resources, we offer comprehensive, efficient, and innovative diagnostic solutions that improve the accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness of laboratory diagnostics, particularly in cancer detection and analysis.

This partnership not only enhances their product offerings but also strengthens their position in the global diagnostics market.

Empower pathologists with advanced technology, enabling comprehensive analysis of cellular and genetic markers to unlock deeper insights into disease progressionPathologist
Innovation and Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and quality assurance protocols, leveraging our validated solutions for precise and reliable anatomopathological diagnosis.

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Thank you for choosing our FISH system.
We look forward to continuing to serve you and to contributing to your success in the field of genetic analysis.
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HOSPITEX CYTOfastthe most effective
LBC system on the market

Hospitex leads the industry in Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC), offering the most advanced and reliable solution for cellular specimen preparation, ensuring superior sample quality and diagnostic accuracy in cytological analysis.

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Hospitex stands alone as the premier provider capable of processing any specimen with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, offering a comprehensive solution for all cytological sample types.

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The opening of the new lab heralds a transformative chapter in scientific exploration, poised to drive innovation, collaboration, and breakthrough discoveries.


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The combination of world Leading Liquid Based Cytology and Automated FISH testing, opens a broad scenario for Bladder mass screening.


World lecturer in cancer diagnostic solutions, CEO of Hospitex International, has a broad knoledge of science, medicine and industry.

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